The Indian Natural Fibre Society (TINFS) is a prominent international scientific society head quartered in ICAR-NINFET (Erstwhile ICAR-NIRJAFT), 12 Regent Park, Kolkata-700040. Because of their common interests, scientific personnel from NINFET, CRIJAF, DJFT, IJT-Calcutta University, CIRCOT and Government college of textile and engineering share a close working relationship. The society was created in the year of 2012 and it was registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961, Any person having interest on natural fibres can be members of the society. Society members are dedicated to the conservation and explore the use of natural fibres to replenish the exhaustive use of synthetic chemicals while maintaining and improving the environment. Society membership is tax deductible since the Societies are non-profit, educational organizations. Since its inception, TINFS has continued to evolve, modifying its educational offerings to support the changing needs of its members. Today, TINFS is keen to be a progressive scientific society for meeting the needs of its members through publications, recognition and awards, placement service, certification programs, meetings, and student activities. You may subscribe to Society journals at a reduced rate. You will also receive member discounts on books and publications, and on Annual Meetings registration fees. Subscriptions to the Societies’ half yearly newsletter TINFS NEWSLETTER and eNewsletter are also included with your membership.

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